Stephanie L. Mcjury

Stephanie L. Mcjury is a hospitality professional who values compassion, optimism, and honesty when it comes to developing connections.

About Me

Stephanie L. Mcjury is a hospitality professional who values compassion, optimism, and honesty. She surrounds herself with passionate individuals about their profession and appreciates the value of human connection. Mcjury’s enthusiasm for travel and hospitality has allowed her to develop personally and professionally.

Mcjury has been a volunteer at Arlington National Cemetery for over ten years, laying holiday wreaths. Mcjury co-leads the Niagara Falls University Alumni Association’s Washington National Capitol Chapter and has volunteered with Honor Flight Network, Inc. for eleven years. As a volunteer at Arlington National Cemetery, she continues to commemorate troops’ sacrifices by welcoming them home.

Qualifications for Work

Mcjury excels in assembling volunteer teams, contract negotiations, budgeting, and event planning. She can:

Make an event materialize by negotiating with a variety of suppliers. As a hospitality leader, build volunteer teams and train as required. Create budgets and stick to them to keep event expenditures under control. Create a network of individuals eager to volunteer, lead, or assist in organizing an event. She is always willing to provide leadership advice or answer inquiries. She knows the value of winning others’ trust and utilizes it to further her job in event organizing and beyond.


Mcjury earned a Bachelor of Science in Event & Meeting Management from Niagara University. She is a Certified Meeting Professional and a Pandemic Compliance Advisor with Health Education Services. Mcjury is always looking for methods to better her talents and attend educational events. She is an active member of her old university’s alumni club to help students share her interests.


Stephanie L. Mcjury has been with NCURA since 2009 as a Senior Meetings Coordinator. She is presently the Director of Meetings & Conferences. From 2009-2011, she worked in Washington, D.C., as a Meetings Coordinator and Assistant. Mcjury is pleased with her achievements at NCURA and understands that success requires hard work and perseverance. She became a director after years of understanding the industry and accepting promotions as they came.


Stephanie L. Mcjury is committed to assisting people in her own life. Mcjury has volunteered at SOME, So Others May Eat, in Washington D.C. and donated to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation. She is happiest when she interacts with others and contributes in some manner. Mcjury supports charities’ vital work by donating money. She also believes in anti-hunger initiatives, so she helps with SOME.

She is a runner who is constantly searching for new physical challenges. Her health is essential to her, and she has been active since childhood. She was a high school cheerleader, and her positivity and joy have followed her into her professional career. Mcjury recognizes that excellent physical health makes a living a more joyful, authentic life simpler. She can concentrate better on her work when she gets adequate jogging time.

Mcjury has coached kids soccer before. She has run the Marine Corps Marathon twice, eight half marathons, and several 5k, 10k, and 10-mile events. She enjoys participating in military-themed races because recognizing soldiers is necessary to help them.

Mcjury recognizes that moving ahead requires honesty, openness, and a listening ear. She is eager to surpass any event planning standards and assembles teams. Her positivism is contagious throughout the sector.

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